“Technology is best when it brings people together.”

As technology becomes ever more present in our daily lives, mastering basic computer programming no longer represents just a smart, forward-thinking exercise idea for progressive families, but rather a necessity for grown-ups and kids alike.

Today, even kindergartners can be taught the basics of writing code. Acquiring these skills at such a young age will greatly influence their overall development, and studies have shown that coding strengthens other academic areas such as reading, spelling, and math.

People who master coding and programming logic will blossom into better problem solvers, and will also develop better analytical reasoning skills and deeper thirst for knowledge.

Software is the language of our time, and teaching people how to use it correctly will certainly come in handy later on in life.


Pakistan is a developing country and currently, 64 percent of the nation is younger than 30 and 29 percent of Pakistanis are between 15 and 29 (an age group which we define as the youth). Pakistan now has more young people than it has ever had, and this is forecasted to continue to increase until at least 2050. This youth is the most valuable asset of this nation which, if used in a beneficial way, can transform Pakistan into a developed nation.


To turn our dream into reality, we have taken an initiative. An initiative that aims at bringing the latest trends in technology and programming world to the screens of people and training them to prepare themselves for the advancements. This is how TECH NATION came into existence.

We created our social media accounts on January 4th, 2021 and up till now we have developed a community of 290+ people.

Lets have a look at the insights of our world.

We have covered different topics like best programming languages to learn in 2021, domains of AI, Applications of python language, AI jobs, How to earn through programming and more.

To reach a greater community, we have planned to arrange webinars and workshops on different topics, trends and domains. Our first webinar is going to be held next week which will be on “Freelancing”. We have asked some top freelancers to come as speaker and enlighten the audience with their amazing experiences and learnings. Since Pakistan’s freelance market is the 4th fastest growing market in the world so it is really important to make people aware about how they can play their roles.

We are also in talks with IEEE, an international society that works in technology field, to collaborate with us in organizing webinars and workshops. We hope to get green signal from them soon.

We will organize two webinars in January and two webinars and one workshop on python programming language in February. Our long term goal is to publish an e-book on python programming language. You might be thinking, why python? So here is the answer. Python is the most famous programming language in the world right now. It has numerous applications. The most important one is Artificial Intelligence which is the future of the world.


One cannot achieve one’s goal alone. You need a team that can take you close to your goals and dreams. TECH NATION is proud to have the best team that works really hard to bring you the genuine and authentic updates and will continue to do so in future with more enthusiasm. Let’s meet the team.

We have divided our team into sub-teams which are:

  1. Team Research and Documentation
  2. Team Social Media and Design
  3. Teams Marketing and Publicity


This team has to do the research work and compile it in the form of document and hand it over to the design team. This is the most important sub-team of our project.


The design team makes the posts based on the document provided by team research and documentation. Team social media handles the social media accounts.


This team aims at coming up with the strategies to promote our vision and how we can reach a greater community. This team will be responsible for advertising our webinars and workshops and will also help to reach great speakers and greater audience.


Hear what people have to say about our initiative.

So, to be able to keep up with the pace with the changing world, it is really important to be aware of how the world is changing and what opportunities do you have to avail to change yourself. You don’t need to worry because TECH NATION is here to provide you with the news and the opportunities.

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